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WRSG Services

WRSG’s full spectrum of services ranges from dynamic Internet and Database solutions - enabling smaller companies to gain a presence in the new global “E”-conomy - to helping large multi-national companies, financial, insurance and health care entities, government agencies and military organizations provide more effective services through the integration of business systems utilizing cloud-based Internet and mobile database applications.
Business Management Consulting

WRSG provides Business Management Consulting Services to support client technology implementation requirements.  


Technical Project Management

With over 15 years experience, WRSG provides Technical Project Management enabling clients to implement technology solutions following ITIL, Agile and other current technical project management methodologies.  

Enterprise Solution Architecture

Multiple WRSG resources provide Enterprise Solution Architecture across a wide array of technology development stacks.


Systems Security Management

WRSG provides planning of security tasks required to meet system security requirements, including organizational responsibilities, methods of accomplishment, milestones, depth of effort, and integration with other program engineering, design and management activities, and related systems.


Cloud Service Implementation

WRSG can assist clients in developing flexible delivery models using a variety of hybrid cloud solutions to help expedite cloud services implementation.  

By applying best practices and existing service interfaces, our team of experts helps build, integrate, migrate and deploy cloud solutions to fit client needs. In addition, WRSG will address risk management, integration and ongoing operation of client solutions beyond implementation.

Mobile Application Development

Providing end-to-end Custom mobile application development, Whether custom, native iOS, Android, Windows app or cross-platform hybrid app. WRSG can deliver!


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